• Table - this is the horizontal facet (flat polished surface) on the top (crown) of the gemstone.  Typically it is the largest facet on the gemstone.

  • Tiffany Setting - a solitaire setting for a faceted gemstone consisting of six prongs that sit up high on a thin shank. This is one of the most popular styles of diamond engagement rings.  Typically the six prongs or head is made of white gold or platinum and the shank of the ring is made of yellow gold.

  • Tone -  the relative lightness or darkness of a gemstone's color.

  • Toughness - the resistance to chipping, breaking or cracking.

  • Translucent - gemstones that allow transmitted light to pass through them but you are unable to see completely through them.

  • Transparent - gemstones that allow transmitted light to pass through them.  You can see through these types of gemstones.

  • Tube Setting -  a form of bezel setting.  A bearing is cut into the end of a tube and the remaining bezel is burnished or smoothed over the girdle of the gemstone.

  • Tulip Setting -  a four prong setting where the prongs are shaped like tulip petals. 

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