• Dan Balboni

You Are The Jewel Of My Eyes! Will You Be My Forever Valentine?

A gift, a promise, a commitment forever! Symbols of love and emotions. A diamond ring and a wedding band. You are overcome by great feelings of joy & love. You feel it in your heart, you have a spring in your step. You are convicted! You heard, "this is the one for you"! You found your treasure. The search is over. You found your Forever Valentine. You are about to embark on a new journey. A journey filled with trials and tribulations. But you knew ahead of time, that this is life. There is not always going to be smooth sailing. But you already know that. You know that together, two are stronger than one. You know that two, 100% committed, will get through any challenge that comes your way. Because, the two, are joined together with the One who brought you together and to Whom your vows were sealed forever!

Wedding bands are symbolic. A complete circle. There is no beginning and there is no end. Just like the One that created you. Two Valentines now joined together with the One that filled your hearts with love. Live, love, and laugh! Enjoy your journey together.

All the best,

Dan Balboni, GIA GG, ISA Balboni Custom Jeweler, LLC 860-337-2050 balbonicustomjeweler.com

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