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Who Gave "Birth" To Mother's Day?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

We all have a mother or, we had a mother at one time. Some are still with us and some are gone. I know I miss my mother. And one thing we all have to recognize, admire and respect, is that without them, we wouldn't be here. They sacrificed a lot for us. We must never forget that. And the woman that started it all on the second Sunday, May 12, 1907, was Anna Jarvis. Anna was honoring her mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis, who died two years earlier. Three years after that memorial in 1907, the governor of West Virginia made the second Sunday in May 1910, the official holiday for Mother's Day. The irony is that Anna Jarvis spent the rest of her life fighting legal battles against the commercialization of this day and died broke because of it. And Anna, never had any children of her own.

If not for Anna's battle against the commercialization of her mother's memorial, the chances are that all of us that followed would not be celebrating our mothers today the way we do. It would have become "just another day". Now that would be sad! So in her own way Anna created a celebration for mothers everywhere without meaning to.

So, to mother's everywhere, here's to you. And although it may be commercialized with trinkets, adornments, children's drawings with Mom in them, Mother's day cards, etc., anything with their children's names and especially photographs all add to some of those precious memories that Mom will never forget. And I say this from experience and love, in having over twenty-five years in the jewelry business. I have met a lot of Moms. And I have seen many Moms wearing and showing off their little trinkets. Lockets with photos, bracelets with engraved names, rings with children's birthstones. And they always smile when they are showing them off. Its a great way for Moms to carry their children everywhere they go. So celebrate Mom! With or without the trinkets, its not about the trinket, its not even about the day. It should be about every day, it should be about the woman we call Mom.

P.S. - don't forget to give her a big hug and "I love you, Mom".

Celebrate Your Mother, Sunday, May 12, 2019

All the best,

Dan Balboni

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