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What Is The Jewelry Showcase & How Does It Work?

Good Morning & Welcome To Gem Facts,

My Jewelry Showcase is an online jewelry store which contains over 100,000 items of jewelry.  There are five main pages:

1. Bridal

2. Jewelry

3. Mountings

4. Diamonds

5. Gemstones

Each one of the main pages has many subpages which contain huge selections of jewelry.

You might ask, whats the big deal, many online jewelry stores do the same thing.  You're right, they do.  Except mine IS different!  Here's why.........

When you go out to my website, balbonicustomjeweler.com, you see the website that I built.  You will notice that the main colors of my website are blue and black.  You will see all of the main jewelry categories and services I provide on my home page.


The Jewelry Showcase is the fifth button from the left at the top of the page.  When you click this button a new page will open up and you will notice that the main color is purple.  Thats because you are now linked to my main supplier's website.  Thats right, I'm showing you the source of my ready-made jewelry.  They are a jewelry manufacturer and wholesale jewelry supplier.  Thats why the website changes color, to let you know that you are now on their website.  Every item on that website has my pricing on it that I set for my customers.


The reason I have set up this two tier website is because it would be impossible for me to upload their entire inventory to my website.  From this website you will find that there are thousands of pieces of jewelry that you can build and customize yourself to suit your style.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages to this type of website and why did I set it up this way?

As I mentioned earlier, the main reason is because it would be impossible for me to add the entire inventory to my website.


The main difference is that instead of a BUY button, there is a QUOTE button. When you click the QUOTE button I get an instant notification of the items you selected along with your contact information.  Once I receive this information, I will immediately contact you and place your order in your shopping cart on my website so you may complete processing your order. This may add a couple of extra steps to an online purchase, however, continue reading and you will see why these extra steps make a big difference.  So what are the advantages?


1. Because I don't have a large showroom and I don't inventory any jewelry, I can sell my Ready-Made Showcase Jewelry at substantially lower prices than a typical jewelry store.

2. The QUOTE button.  Since you are replying directly to me when you hit that QUOTE button, you get the biggest benefit of all.  The pricing structure that I have in my Jewelry Showcase is a four tiered pricing structure, each containing a minimum to maximum price range with limitations.  Since four tiers is the maximum amount provided by my supplier, I am limited with pricing flexibility on their site.  However, I am now going to turn that QUOTE button disadvantage into your advantage.  When I receive your request I scrutinize that price.  I now have all the flexibility in the world to adjust the price by lowering it, which I do in almost every case.  I will then contact you and let you know what the lower price will be.  Remember, I don't have the overhead of a typical jewelry store and I working hard to be very competitive.  I am here to service my local communities.

So I hope you see, although there are a couple of extra steps, the pricing and personal service outweigh the disadvantages.  Plus, I service everything I sell.  

So thats what the Jewelry Showcase is all about.  I did not set up my business model to serve the masses worldwide.  I set up my business as a local jeweler, serving my local communities, one customer at a time with professionalism, integrity and transparency.  I hope you will give my Jewelry Showcase a try and see the difference for yourself.  So please check out my website at balbonicustomjeweler.com.


Thank you, and as always, I encourage your feedback and suggestions.


You may email me at dan@balbonicustomjeweler.com or call me at 860-337-2050.

Have a great day!  Until next time, all the best,

Dan Balboni

Balboni Custom Jeweler, LLC

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