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What is a proper jewelry appraisal?

The definition of appraisal is - the act of estimating or judging the nature of value of something or someone.  An appraisal is a legal document. Therefore, jewelry appraisals should be performed by an appraiser who has formal education as a Personal Property Appraiser.

Cover Page - includes the client's name and address and the appraiser's company name and address.

Cover Letter - (a) detailed description of the "purpose" (type of value sought); (b) "function" or assigned use.

Examination date(s) and location(s).

Effective date(s) of value(s).

Complete detailed description of each appraised item, unless describing lots. They should paint a word picture so items can be identified without photographs.

Methodology and market analysis.

A statement by the appraiser that he/she has no financial interest in the personal property or full disclosure if there is.

The appraiser's resume'

Reasons Not To Accept An Appraisal Report:

It does not include all of the above.

It is not signed.

It is hand written.

The fee is based on either a contingency or upon the value of the personal property.  (Example - the fee is based on a percentage of the total value).

Purpose (value being sought) and/or function (assigned use) are not stated.

It is outside the appraiser's area of expertise.

The appraiser is not able or is unwilling to defend the appraisal in court.  (Keep in mind that if the appraiser must go to court that it will be subject to the appraiser's availability and separate fee schedule at that time.)

Although there are many types of appraisals, here are the three that most people may be somewhat familiar with:  Insurance, Resale and Estate Settlement.  Most people at some point in their life may need at least one of these.  

If you need to have your jewelry evaluated for any of these purposes, please feel free to contact me at (860) 337-2050 or send me an e-mail: dan@balbonicustomjeweler.com or you may make an appointment right here on my website using my Appointment Calendar

I have also included a link to a PDF - The Essential Buyer's Guide To Jewelry Insurance on my website at the bottom of the page.

Have a great day!  All the best,

Dan Balboni, GIA GG, ISA

Balboni Custom Jeweler, LLC

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