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The Difference Between These Two Diamonds Is..........?

Please scroll down and take a look. Now tell me if you can. Hmmm. Not sure? Okay, so let me start from the beginning. Lets say you're shopping for a diamond. Okay, lets say its for an engagement ring for your future wife. Got it? Now lets say, like most people, you have a budget. I know I do. I don't have "that" kind of money. I have a monetary limit for everything I buy, like most people. So you decide, or should I say, she decides, (lets be honest, either she has said it or pointed out to you somewhere along the line, or her best friend mentioned to you, that you are in the market for a one carat round diamond.) Please understand this is all in fun. I'm just teasing you. I want you to relax and learn. But the truth comes from many years of experience in this business.

So you're looking for this diamond. You have established your budget, you find THE diamond, ask how much and find out the diamond alone is more than your entire budget for the ring. Now what? You know she would love it. It is the right size, sparkles like crazy, and has incredible spectral colors like a rainbow. Now what are you going to do? Go smaller? I don't think so. I know you don't want to disappoint her. This is where the fun begins. This is where I love to educate my customers. I love to show them how it is still possible, in most cases, to get that dream diamond, the one you know she would love and fit it into your budget.

So what is the difference between the two diamonds? First, The price, and its huge. But thats not the only a part of it. The real difference is that one is an earth mined diamond and the other is a laboratory grown diamond. But here is the key to anyone who may have issues with a laboratory grown diamond and this is so important. I cannot emphasize this enough! They both have the same physical, chemical and optical properties. What does that mean to you? You cannot tell the difference between the two and.......... neither can I, unless I put them to the test. They are both excellent quality diamonds. And if thats not enough, I can show you more options. I have been doing this for 30 years. I know I can help you and I know she will love you for it! For more information about diamonds, please check out my website https://www.balbonicustomjeweler.com/diamond.

All the best,

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