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How To Shop For Jewelry Online

Now more than ever because of COVID 19 more people are shopping online. In fact there are a lot of people shopping online for the first time ever. Thats because they were trapped inside and could not go out to the stores. The fact is, this trend will continue to see a lot of growth for many industries such as jewelry, clothing, even food. The world is changing and businesses and people will have to adapt to these changes. Online jewelry sales have seen a dramatic increase over the years and there are no signs of it slowing down. It is going to continue to grow.

I have been in the jewelry business for 30 years now. Online shopping didn't exist when I got into this business. Because of these changes, now more than ever, I want to talk to you about shopping online. I feel there is information you must be aware of while shopping, especially for jewelry. I say this because you are obviously going to compare prices from different online stores as well as brick & mortar stores to ensure you are paying a reasonable price.

Below are photos of six different wedding bands. All of these bands look very similar because they are the same style: 14K yellow gold, comfort fit, 4.0 mm width, size 10. However, the prices vary. I took a random sampling of prices to give you a good illustration of what to expect. Be sure to look at the descriptions below the photos. You will notice some of them do not list all of the important details. The most important factor here is the gram weight in addition to the ring size because obviously, it will contain more gold. You will notice only two of the rings have the weight listed. The reason this is so important is because the gram weight will help you determine which one is the best price. Remember, they are all almost identical. The key factor in determining the weight difference is the thickness of each ring. Again, you will notice that only two of them mention the thickness. Those are the same two that also listed the weight. This is true transparency. Nothing to hide here. And of course, you should be comparing the same metal content as well.

As you can see by the examples below, that shopping apples to apples online can be more like shopping apples to oranges if you do not have all of the specs. The same is true when shopping brick & mortar stores. If you do not have all of the same details, you may end up paying a higher price. You should be looking for like, kind & quality. This same comparison can be used for many types of jewelry that do not have gemstones.

Follow the link to watch my video: https://youtu.be/JUz-Nc5q4rE

Top Row Left: 14K yellow gold 4.0 mm comfort fit wedding band, size 10, $391.00 (No other information)

Top Row Center: 14K yellow gold 4.0 mm comfort fit wedding band, size 10, $529.00

Metal Type Gold

Metal Color Yellow

Gold Karat 14K

Standard Ring Size 10

Top Row Right: 14K Yellow Lightweight Comfort Fit Half Round Band $341.00

WIDTH 4 mm



WEIGHT 2.843 DWT (4.42 grams)

Bottom Row Left: 14K Gold Wedding Band, Domed and Comfort-Fit - List Price $523.00 You save ($143.00) 30% - $380.00

Bottom Row Center: Men's 4MM 14K Yellow Gold Comfort-Fit Traditional Wedding Band - 14k Yellow Gold - Size 10 - $336.00

Width: 4.0 mm

Weight: 3.9 grams

Height: 1.6 mm

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Bottom Row Right: Price: $565.00

Width: 4.0 mm

Weight: 6.98 grams

Fit: Comfort

Height: 2.25 mm

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Comparison shopping for jewelry is not cut and dry. It becomes even more difficult when jewelry contains diamonds and gemstones. And if you are going online, be sure to check out my website as well. My pricing is very competitive, plus you can always contact me for advice via email: dan@balbonicustomjeweler.com or phone: 860-337-2050. Remember, the lowest price is not always to the way to go. Finding a jeweler you can trust, one with a good reputation, a jeweler that stands behind the product, and gives you honest advice is worth more than their weight in gold.

All the best,

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