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Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to my website and my very first blog. My name is Dan Balboni and I have been in the jewelry business for over twenty-five years. I am a Graduate Gemologist and an ISA (International Society of Jewelry Appraisers) gemstone and jewelry appraiser. I have worn many hats in the jewelry business over the years from sales and jewelry appraiser, to diamond, gemstone & jewelry buyer and store manager. I have owned different forms of jewelry businesses. My first venture was starting a mobile jewelry business where I met people at their homes or business and sold jewelry out of catalogs. I later started an independent mobile appraisal business where I went to customers homes or business to appraise their jewelry for insurance. I later opened an office where I worked by appointment selling catalog jewelry and doing appraisals. Eventually, I opened a brick & mortar boutique jewelry store which I have since closed. But that was then......

Today, I have gone back to my true passion. I have just reopened Balboni Custom Jeweler, LLC., my office where I work by appointment. I do everything that a typical jewelry store does except, I don't have any inventory. My goal is to create a very comfortable environment where customers may come and meet with me to discuss their business in private. And since I don't have physical inventory to sell you, there is no pressure. I learned through the years, especially with customers who are about to be engaged, that they prefer privacy to discuss their specific needs.

I not only do custom designs and make custom jewelry, I also do jewelry repair, and appraisals for Insurance, Resale, & Estate Settlement. One of my specialties is Refashioning jewelry that my customers inherit from loved ones. Pieces of jewelry that they would like to combine into one piece of jewelry that fits their personal style. A piece of jewelry that will be a remembrance to their loved ones.

And now with todays technology I am able to add another facet to my business. This technology has allowed me to create an online jewelry store, but, a different kind of online jewelry store. The type of jewelry store that allows you, the customer, to showcase your creativity, if you so desire. You can design your own piece of jewelry that you have been dreaming about by filling out my CAD/CAM Form on the Custom Jewelry page. If you choose not to design it yourself, no problem, we can do it for you. You may also customize hundreds of existing pieces of jewelry to fit your own personal style for your entire wardrobe. I have combined both of these elements into one store to give you the greatest flexibility to create jewelry your way.

Below, I have shown you a custom-made diamond and emerald ring in three different stages with two different views.

Custom-made Antique Style White Gold Domed Filigree Emerald & Diamond Ring

  1. Left Column - CAD/CAM Design

  2. Middle Column - Wax Model

  3. Right Column - Completed Ring

DO-IT-YOURSELF CUSTOMIZATION: This work would be accomplished on my Balboni Custom Jeweler Showcase from the Flexible Designs page.

Who is it for? What is it? How does it work?

  1. Who is it for? Do-It-Yourself Customization is for people who want to put their own signature on a piece of jewelry they can call their own.

  2. What is it? Do-It-Yourself Customization is divided into two distinct categories. This first category above, is Custom Design Jewelry which we would create for you based on your design. If you choose not to create your own design, we can design it for you. The second category is jewelry with Flexible Designs offered through my website. This is jewelry that you would customize yourself.

  3. How does it work? Both the custom design jewelry process and the Customizable Jewelry are both simple and easy to do. Everything is done right on my website. If a custom designed piece of jewelry is what you desire, you would simply fill out my CAD/CAM Submission Form. This form would be found under the Custom Jewelry page. If you are looking for some flexibility to make some changes to a particular piece of pre-made jewelry, you would check out my Flexible Designs and Bridal pages on my Balboni Custom Jeweler Showcase. From those two pages everything is pretty straight forward. You would just take advantage of the buttons and drop-down lists from the categories on each page. Its that easy.

Examples of customizable engagement rings:

Left: 10K Yellow Gold Pink Spinel & Diamond Engagement Ring

Center: 14K White Gold Lab Created Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring

Right: 18K Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Engagement Ring

All three rings are the same design. I just customized each ring by changing the metal color and quality. I also changed the type of gemstones in each ring. All of this is accomplished by following the step-by-step instructions on each page. You would also be able to choose your ring size, special finishes and engraving.

Below are some examples of Family Jewelry that you can customize. By following the step-by-step instructions, you select the metal, quality and color. Once you choose your metal, select the colored gemstones that signify each family members birth month. You can even choose to engrave each family member's name on many pieces of our jewelry.

Left: 14K White Gold Engravable Two-Stone Family Slide

Center: 18K Yellow Gold Engravable Three-Stone Family Slide

Right: 10K Rose Gold Four-Stone Engravable Family Slide

Once you have completed your selections, hit the Quote button and your personalized jewelry will be added to our Shop for you to purchase.

As you can see, I have designed my website to allow you the greatest degree of flexibility to create jewelry that you desire, the way you want it. Jewelry that you can tailor to your wardrobe as well as express your personality in brilliance, color & style.

I hope you will give it a try and have some fun.

All the best,

Dan Balboni, GIA GG, ISA



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