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Amethyst - February Birthstone

Every birthstone, including amethyst, comes with its own history and meaning. Amethyst's name comes from the Greek word amethystos. The definition of amethystos is "a remedy against drunkenness". Early Greek mythology associated this beautiful gem with the god of wine, Bacchus. This was because of its wine-like color. In addition, because of this mythology, the wearer believed it kept them clear headed and quick witted in business affairs as well as in battle. In addition, Europeans of the Renaissance believed it calmed lovers overrun by passion. Hmmm.....is this a cure or a curse? So, for you February babies, proudly wear your amethyst, but please, don't put it to the test by drinking too much wine. What do you think? Remember, moderation in everything, got it?

In addition to its lore, traditionally, amethyst is the gift of the sixth wedding anniversary. And, whether you wear amethyst as your birthstone or in celebration of your wedding anniversary you will be in elite royal company - Catherine the Great (Empress Catherine II of Russia, 1729-1796). Catherine was known to adorn herself with amethyst necklaces, earrings and other ornaments. If that is not enough royalty for you, you will also be in the company of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor (1896-1986). She wore the fabulous amethyst bib necklace designed by Cartier to a gala in Versailles in 1953.

So, if you were born in February and don't have your royal jewels, you can always come to see me and I will gladly find the right amethyst jewelry to help you express your personality in brilliance, color and style!

Wishing all of you clear headed February babies a very happy, healthy & passionate birthday!

All the best,

Dan Balboni, GIA GG, ISA

Balboni Custom Jeweler, LLC

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