• Palladium - a member of the platinum group of metals, palladium is often alloyed with platinum to give it better hardness.

  • Pave' Setting - a type of setting in which small gemstones are set as close together as possible.

  • Pavilion - the lower part of a faceted gemstone which falls below the girdle (the widest part of a gemstone).

  • Pennyweight - a unit of weight in the troy system equal to one twentieth of an ounce.  The abbreviation used is dwt.

  • Platinum - a white ductile metallic element, resistant to common acids often used in jewelry.

  • Play of Color - a display of lustrous colors seen in precious opal and labradorite.

  • Proportions - are based on a gemstone's table width, depth of the crown and pavilion, crown and pavilion facet angles as well as the thickness.

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