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  • K (Karat) - measurement of purity used in showing the fineness of gold.  One karat is one twenty-fourth pure gold. Thus, 24-karat gold is pure (.999 fine).  Example:  14 gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy (other metals).

  • Kashmir Sapphire - a deep cornflower blue sapphire, having a milky semi-transparent appearance caused by minute liquid inclusions.

  • Keshi Pearls - naturally occurring non-nucleated pearls which form in a mollusc when it is returned to the water after the removal of a crop of non-nucleated cultured pearls.

  • Kingfisher Jade - a bluish-green jadeite.

  • King's Coral - a black coral also called akabar.

  • Kismet Pearls - trade name for imitation pearls.

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