• Emerald Cut - a cut originally developed for emeralds.  This cut was designed both to enhance the color of emerald and to allow for shock sensitivity by removing the otherwise vulnerable corners.  This cut is also known as the step or trap cut.  It is also used for diamonds and other gemstones.

  • Enamel - a glassy coating, fused with heat to the surface of a piece of jewelry.  Also used on glass and pottery.

  • End Cap - a tube, coil, or hoop placed over the end of a necklace, chain or bracelet.  The clasp from the opposing end of the item hooks onto it to secure it the neck or wrist.

  • Etching - the decoration of metal surfaces by means of controlled erosion achieved through the use of acids and alkalies.  The metal surface is first coated with an etch-resistant layer (e.g. a resin or bituminous compound), and the decorative pattern is scratched through this layer prior to etching.

  • Eternity Ring -  a ring that contains faceted gemstones, such as diamonds, set edge to edge around the entire ring.

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